7/8'' Universal 3 function Horn, Turn and light switch
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  • This Switch is Small in size does not take up much room on your bars, It can be easily mounted over your existing clutch lever perch to save space.
  • It is Lightweight perfect with other accessories as it is compact the width is 3/8 Inches only!
  • Perfect for any Ruckus and much more -Overall Wire length 43 Inches
  • To fit most 7/8 inch diameter handlebars - 7 Pin Connection This Switch has the following features it has a button for your Horn, it has left and right turn signals, and a ON/OFF button for your lights.
  • ( These switches are customizable to fit you own applications if you wish UNIVERSAL)

The wires are labeled as the following:

 Blue/Blue= Lights (use 1 blue for negitive 1 for postive)

White/White = Horn (use 1 white for negitive 1 for postive)

Green = Left Turn Signal

Yellow = Right Turn Signal

Red = power from blinker relay (usually grey on ATR or Danmaxx Harness)

 No Returns or Warranty on Electrical Parts Please See our Terms and Conditions

7/8'' Universal 3 function Horn, Turn and light switch

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